Georgetown, Kentucky

Fairness Promoted at Georgetown City Council Meeting

Fairness Promoted at Georgetown City Council Meeting

Members of Georgetown Fairness turned out to last Monday’s City Council meeting to promote the idea of a fairness ordinance. We suggested simply adding four words—”sexual orientation” and “gender identity”—to our existing civil rights laws. Hopefully enforcement of this and other civil rights legislation could be done by a renewal of our currently-inactive Human Rights Commission.

Three Fairness members offered public comments at the beginning of the meeting. Horace Hambrick, a local pediatrician, led off:

Horace was followed by Mieko Smith, a recent Georgetown College graduate:

Bob Fox, the pastor at Faith Baptist in Georgetown, rounded out our presentation:

Afterwards Mayor Tom Prather spoke briefly in favor of a Fairness ordinance, and invited members of the group to advise in drafting legislation.

The proceeding were covered by an article in the Georgetown News-Graphic.