Fairness Promoted at Georgetown City Council Meeting

Members of Georgetown Fairness turned out to last Monday’s City Council meeting to promote the idea of a fairness ordinance. We suggested simply adding four words—”sexual orientation” and “gender identity”—to our existing civil rights laws. Hopefully enforcement of this and other civil rights legislation could be done by a renewal of our currently-inactive Human Rights Commission.

Three Fairness members offered public comments at the beginning of the meeting. Horace Hambrick, a local pediatrician, led off:

Horace was followed by Mieko Smith, a recent Georgetown College graduate:

Bob Fox, the pastor at Faith Baptist in Georgetown, rounded out our presentation:

Afterwards Mayor Tom Prather spoke briefly in favor of a Fairness ordinance, and invited members of the group to advise in drafting legislation.

The proceeding were covered by an article in the Georgetown News-Graphic.