Georgetown, Kentucky


The Kentucky Civil Rights Act (KRS 344) includes common-sense exemptions, which the Georgetown Fairness Ordinance will adopt in full. These include exemptions for churches and church-run businesses, among others:

  1. Exemptions to Housing Provisions are adopted from KRS 344.362 and especially from KRS 344.365, which exempts churches as well as homeowners who rent out part of a house where they or their family members live.
  2. Exemptions to Employment Provisions are adopted from KRS 344.100, KRS 344.110, and especially KRS 344.090, which allows churches or church-operated institutions to hire and fire in a manner consistent with their beliefs.
  3. Exemptions to Public Accommodations Provisions are adopted from KRS 344.145 and especially KRS 344.130, which makes clear that churches are not required to offer their services or facilities in any way that violates their beliefs.

What’s more, Kentucky has a very strong Religious Freedom Restoration Act (KRS 446.350), which affirms existing statutory and constitutional protections, especially under the First Amendment. In short, no minister can be forced to perform gay marriages against his or her beliefs.