Georgetown, Kentucky


What is a Fairness Ordinance?

Georgetown Fairness is working to pass an LGBT non-discrimination for Georgetown, KY. Laws like this are called Fairness ordinances because they extend equal protection to LGBT people, many of whom face discrimination in the workplace, when they look for housing, and in the marketplace. Fairness ordinances update existing civil rights laws to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the list of protected classes.

You can see video of our presentations to Georgetown City Council or support Georgetown Fairness by signing our petition. You can also read about Fairness facts and religious support for Fairness.

As of 3/27/2017, City Council has voted not even to discuss a Fairness ordinance: please contact City Council members and tell them you care about this issue and you want a Fairness ordinance for Georgetown. To join our work, contact us by email. You can also follow us on Facebook.